Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cranberry Christmas

I know it's no-where near Christmas time, but that's no excuse for not partaking in Christmas crafts! The new owners of the needlework shop I work have allowed us to stitch on our on work in the quiet times. This called for a small piece that didn't matter for many interruptions or for hospital like cleanliness. Dada! enter the prairie schooler redwork series.

Now I have completed the "Cranberry Christmas", I have started on the "Redwork Santas". The plan is to make them all in a nice Christmas wall hanging when they are all done.
They are stitched on 25# Floba which I chose for it's great colour and it's dense weave, perfect for a quilt. I started out using 2 strands of DMC floss but it didn't give the coverage I thought the design needed, so pulled that out and did it in 3 strands - perfect!


Jacinta said...

these look great - I like quick easy finishes like this. Great to find your blog.

cheers from Cairns


fran_e said...

Thanks Jacinta - I agree, it gives a nice break from the big work. Also now that the boys sport (hockey and league) is starting up again small projects are good for sitting in the car watching kids training.