Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welt and Rib Raglan

Despite the hot weather I was having knitting withdrawals, and not just any knitting withdrawals, because I had knitted the occasional pair of socks. But sweater knitting withdrawals, it has been so long since I have knitted a sweater or cardigan for myself, at least 6 months.
The catalist was the Winter Interweave 2008 magazine. It's actually a bit tricky to get for me, it doesn't always appear in the local newsagency and then they only get a couple of copies. So I saw the magazing sitting seductively in the rack, told myself - "I am saving money, I have lots of knitting patterns in the queue at home, Maybe just a flip through the pages......"
It was actually the Victoria Yoke Pullover which caught my eye originally but with futher study of the pages (after purchase at home) I realised my Grey Alpaca would be perfect for the Welt and Rib Raglan.

I have been actually looking through my pattern stash in the last week looking for a sweater with all these atributes:
1. It needs to be fitted to fit under a motorcycle jacket
2. Definately in not to bulky yarn as per No 1.
3. Must have a high neck as I get a cold neck, especially riding.
4. Must look dressy enough for work.
So it ended up a no brainer to start this sweater!

There is only 2 changes I plan on making to the published pattern.
1. Not knit the sleeves in the round, purely because I didn't have the double pointed needles and I wanted to start now. I actually tried doing the magic loop method with my Denise Interchangables, but the cable was definately too sticky for the Alpaca, so after a couple of rows I frogged and restarted.
2. Not leaving the chain in at bust line. I need all the stretch I can get in that area, and don't think the chain will look as neat on a busty shape.
Here are the start of the sleeves:

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