Monday, December 29, 2008

Nearly New Years Eve

One more day to New Years Eve. We don't usually go out on NYE you can get a much better view of the fireworks at home, and Sydney that full of people is not my idea of fun. Hey it's not because I'm getting old - I've always been a bit freaky around crowds.
Spent yesterday organising my wardrobe, will finish the bedroom today. Wayne doesn't understand why I spring clean on holidays, but to me it's the time to do it.
Found a cute weight loss ticker with a motorbike! cool hehe. I figured I would go the whole hog and put the maximum kg loss up there (still in healthy range) but in reality once 15kg is gone I'll be to my lowest weight and in the top of healthy weight range, so anything after that is a bonus.
Oh and started my next pair of cotton socks, in a pink colour way this time. Should put up pic tomorrow.

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