Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Eve

I have been enjoying the quiet house with the kidlets on holidays and have been working on my latest customised Blythe. I have finished the face, but have decided she needs sleep eyes, and the eyelids rub on the eye holes, so I have to carve the hole slightly and sand the eyelid's profile down. As I am out of sandpaper - I have to wait until the hardware store opens, grr - patience is a virtue Fran.
I have also started a pretty spectacular dress for the yet un-named girl. I am using an old sequined black swede handbag, which I cut up, it's going well so far, but need a good search through my stash to find fabric for the bodice to lift it. I thought I would have the girl together today and would need the dress, but I guess I get another day. Oh and I do need eyelashes for her as well :)
I did some art work yesterday with my inkintense dewent pencils, it's amazing how their colour changes with a touch of water. I really like them, but find them a little hard for fine work occasionally. My inspiration was using embroidery as inspiration for art, as apposed to using art as inspiration for my embroidery. I finished up the afternoon by making a card for a friend who has been feeling a little down, which I posted off with some little Blythe size books I had made.

It's only the second work done in my little Molskine diary, I really should do it more regularily.

As you can see, inspired by Sashiko embroidery.

My tip for today - Peppermint tea! Yes it is good for the gut (esp bloating) but tastes ergh hot. I made some up yesterday, put it in the fridge and had it later with ice - actually Yummy and refreshing! Make sure you get pure peppermint, not tea mixed with peppermint.

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