Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year.... Nearly

Hmmm well as it's nearly New Year's Day, I've been thinking about resolutions for 2009. This is what I have come up with:

1. Lose Weight
wow completely un-original I know, but I actually am 'officially' overweight so after years of yoyo dieting want to get this under control. As I seem to have developed over the last couple of weeks a complete allergy to all milk products (grr at my gut) that shouldn't be too hard, as most fattening things I eat contain dairy.

2. Save money
a friend just read a book about a man spending a year with spending money on nothing other than food or medical supplies. I think I would like to spend a year spending nothing except for food, medical supplies and anything else only completely necessary ie kid's school uniforms etc. I have such a stock pile of yarn and fabric etc, that should be good on the craft side too. I do have a beautiful necklace and earring set by Edge of Sweden on layby - so that doesn't count ;)

Hey I think that's it - that I can handle - but I think I will add one more thing:

3. Be a better housekeeper!
I've never been particularily inspired to keep a picture perfect home, but would love to! Watch out Martha!

To finish off I thought I'd better put in a pic of my dolly obsession - wow and will be a whole year without adding to their family. I do have 2 more Blythe dolls that are in the process of being cutomised, so I do have a lot of dolls, not to mention the 6 dals I have and the 4 petites with one more in transit.

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