Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blythe Dress - Free Pattern

If you cut and paste the below addy, it should take you to the original flickr upload, on the top of the pic, click on "all sizes" then download original size (largest).

1. Cut out pieces carefully, and be careful about the 5mm seam allowance to ensure a good fit.
2. Put 2 rows of gather stitches along the top of the skirt piece, the skirt ruffle and the top and the bottom of the sleeve pieces.
3. Sew the shoulder pieces together and press seams open. With right sides facing, sew around the neck seam, clip and trim the seam, then turn in the right way and press.
4. Press cuffs along fold line and then pull up gathering stitches at lower part of sleeve to match cuff, sew right sides together, remove gathering stitches and press seam towards seam.
5. Gather up top of sleeve stitches and sew right sides together along armhole in bodice. Remove gathering stitches and finger press seam towards bodice.
6. With right sides together sew up sides of bodice, sleeve edge and cuff edge all in one seam. Clip seam at underarm. Turn in the right way and press.
7. Sew a narrow hem along ruffle piece. Pull up the gathering stitches of the other edge of ruffle piece and sew right sides together to skirt bottom. Remove gathering stitches and press towards skirt piece.
8. Pull up gathering sitches on top of skirt and pin to bottom of bodice right sides together , making sure to make a 5mm fold along edge of skirt, matching the edge of the bodice, to ensure no raw edges show when finished. Sew and remove gathering stitches and press towards skirt.
9. If you wish now is the time to sew a ribbon or trim around bottom of bodice.
10. Sew up back seam, from bottom of ruffle to about half way up skirt piece.
11. Sew two snaps on back of bodice, one at neck and one at waist.
Note: I always finish each seam as I go with a narrow zig zag stitch and trim any lose threads.


bec said...

Yay - thanks again for sharing this :) I was going to buy fabric tomorrow anyway and i have the perfect stuff in mind for this one.

fran_e said...

I'd love to see your finished dress! :D

Lavinia said...

wow! both doll and dress are gorgeous!!! congratulations ^__^