Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wreck It Jounal

I've recently come across a few flickr photos of this journal. After googling I found it's official site, and here is what the author/creator has to say:

"This book was created for anyone who has ever had trouble starting/keeping or finishing a journal/sketchbook. By forcing ourselves to wreck it on purpose, the “journal as an object” loses it’s preciousness, and allows us the feeling of completion."

But after browsing through photos on the site and on flickr, it becomes obvious that the journal is not being 'wrecked' as such. People follow specific instructions on each page to create the completed journal. Therefore it isn't really being wrecked, it is being finished. There is no real creativity here in following instructions written on each page, and no real destruction when you are following instructions.

"To do those things you were taught to never do (make a mess, destroy, fold down pages, write in books, play with dirt). This book IS the place."

Again are you really learning anything if you are just following promts.

BUT I do think it looks like loads of fun! and I will probably get a couple as presents for friends/family.

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