Sunday, January 25, 2009

Macquarie Pass

Well I finally got around to doing the pass. I was with a small group that headed off from Loftus at around 9:30am, which means we left home about 7am, and of course it was an uncharacteristic freezing morning! We were meeting up with a group that we hadn't riden with and although it was an interesting route, found it a tad hard the speed that they were riding, especially as I didn't know the roads, made me feel a real nube again. By the time we headed up the pass, we had broken off on our own and I did enjoy the ride up to the Robertson Pie Shop. One of the fellow riders had pulled over and was taking shots of us all. This is one, and I like it because it's the first photo of me actually riding!

Wayne also set up a cute scene last night - they are called Hobbit Bikers - and of course his was called Moon Hobbit Biker. I am trying to think up something cute to do for my Hobbit...

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